Empowering Organizations to Work Together, Better.


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kumwe - adv. together, as one.

In Rwanda, the beauty of the thousand hills cascading across the landscape is equally matched by the gorgeous language and people who call it home. The phrase "turi kumwe" means "we are together," and for Rwandans, these are more than words. Almost a quarter century ago, Rwanda was plunged into the midst of a horrific genocide. In the aftermath of one of the darkest chapters of human history, communities torn apart by machete blades had to forge a new path forward together.

As a college student, I spent several months as an intern in a local Rwandan NGO dedicated to the care of vulnerable children and families. I am still amazed by the incredibly vibrant sense of community and hope I witnessed during my brief time in Rwanda. For me, these experiences serve as a testament to what can be accomplished when people commit themselves collectively toward unity.

Upon returning to the United States, I pursued a career in the non-profit sector focusing my attention on databases and cloud-based systems. As I worked to provide the best tools for the important work being done, I realized that simply implementing a new piece of software to my peers was not enough. For impact to be multiplied, it is necessary for everyone who has a stake in the outcome to have a say in how their processes are executed via technical solutions.

This is why Kumwe Systems exists : to multiply impact by empowering organizations to work together better.




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When people are aligned toward a common understanding, their ability to grapple with complex challenges is strengthened.


When individuals unite to co-create in collaboration, they are empowered to drive deeper impact.


When organizations focus on creative stewardship, limited resources multiply growth in dynamic ways.


When long-term sustainability is at its foundation, meaningful change is perpetuated for years to come.