Masterpiece Ministries: Collaboration & Systems

As one of the core values of Kumwe Systems, collaboration is one of the key components of healthy organizations. When individuals unite to co-create in collaboration, they are empowered to change the world in creative ways that would not be possible by working alone. One organization that believes deeply in the power of collaboration is Masterpiece Ministries, a week-long faith-based summer camp experience for creative high school students. Each year, students work together to produce a unified creative piece that is presented to an audience at the end of each camp session. Through this process (affectionately named the “Collab”), students learn the challenges and beauties of sharing ideas and working together within the constraints of time and resources.

Much like the campers, those who give of their time to support the work of Masterpiece must work collaboratively with limited resources to manage donations, student registration, marketing, and bookkeeping. While Quickbooks had served as a makeshift database for the organization for several years, the team was looking to craft a more robust system that could help the organization grow on a small budget. Through an ongoing partnership with Kumwe Systems, we were able to collectively design and implement a multi-faceted system to help the organization thrive.

Built on the foundation of Salesforce’s Non-Profit Success Pack, the resulting system utilizes Donately as its donation processing platform. Leveraging Stripe as the payment gateway, Donately allows donors to give one-time or recurring gifts from embeddable web forms that look great on Masterpiece’s website. Through a connection with Zapier, donor data is instantly sent to Salesforce and matched with existing contacts. Additionally, Donately allows donors to cover the processing fees for their gift through a single click.


Masterpiece System Components.png

In terms of tracking camp registration, the new system includes Typeform, a form creation app designed to feel more conversational than standard webforms. It was important to the team to keep the personal feel of the registration process in order to build a relationship with a student from the very start, and Typeform was a great fit. Additionally, it serves a practical function by requiring the student to pay a deposit before registering for camp. In previous years, this proved to be a point of pain for the staff as all initial deposits were managed manually. Through another integration with Stripe as a payment gateway, Typeform allows students to pay their deposit when they register as well as additional payments on their remaining balances with Zapier providing automation to support the registration process.


As a result of the combination of the new tools, the organization was able to simply the camp registration process as well as launch an entirely digital year-end fundraising campaign.

As an alum of Masterpiece Ministries, I am incredibly honored to have been a part of building a sustainable digital system to address the multi-faceted needs of the organization. After leveraging the substantial discount provided by Salesforce’s Power of Us program, the ongoing technology cost for Masterpiece is under $50 per month (plus transaction fees for card processing). With robust functionality and the capability to continue to customize the experience for donors and students, this new system will allow the wonderful folks at Masterpiece to grow, thrive, and continue to collaborate in encouraging and supporting young creative students.